Hi, I’m Kim

Hi, I’m Kim

I’m a Women's Empowerment Coach + Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner, with over 20 years of experience. I focus on empowering working moms to embrace their own unique circumstances and build a confident and sustainable mindset that will work for them so they can bring intimacy back into their lives.

I have helped hundreds of moms just like you!

I will teach you the full A-Z basics on how create core values that provide purpose and self-identity, become aware of thinking patterns that increase anxiety, shame, & mom guilt, and then succeed at re-scripting them. You will master burnout and be able to confidently deal with all of life’s curveballs that come your way. My program is structured with the focus on helping working mom's live life back on their own terms, meet their basic needs in love and life, and live a happier and authentic life.

I have lived and seen firsthand the frustrations, lows, barriers, and highs of being a modern-day working mom in society today. As a mom of 5 in a blended family, and at times working 2 jobs to make it all work, I see you! I feel you! I get you in some of the most complex ways!

Let’s stop believing you are just in another phase, and it will magically get better!

I’m talking about giving working moms the ability to reconnect to their loved ones, and by doing so they get energy and time back in their days that's wasted in negative thinking patterns. This creates clarity on what’s important in your relationships, increasing conflict resolution and effective communication skills, and thriving while doing ALL OF IT.

My mission is to share every single piece of knowledge I have with you, so you too can wake up each day feeling recharged and ready to feel connected and alive again.

It’s time to no longer sacrifice your identity and begin loving who you are and all that you stand for!

It’s time for you to spend more quality time with your family!

It’s time for you to have meaning and purpose in every moment!

It's time for you to have your needs, wants, and desires met.

It’s that time. I know you can feel it.

You deserve this life. You CAN have it. I want this for you.

She’s an innovator

Kim is an ambitious innovator who has always taken pride in working smarter and not harder. Her proclaimed motto is “avoid the mental tornados!" Stop spiraling in your negative thoughts that lead to self-destruction and then sacrificing your sacred time and energy to rebuild and repair your self-confidence, worth, and identity which get in the way of being able to engage in and enjoy intimacy. She refined the 5 most important steps when it comes to transformation and has taught many other working moms her proprietary “Power Scripts” method to help clients receive remarkable results in a short amount of time.

She’s a Competitor

When you don’t find Kim at one of her kids sporting events, at a live sporting event, or watching sports on TV, you can find her challenging other’s competitive spirits. She understands the mindset of working hard, the importance of practice, being able to "win and lose" with grace, putting in the effort, and no matter the outcome, walk away with your head high. These are all relatable and integral to working moms and bringing intimacy back into their relationships.

Working Moms have to get back out there the next day and show up! You are an important key to the success of your team at home and at work, and to your loved one.

She will help you learn to celebrate all the small and big wins in your days and build on your unique skill set that works for you to reimagine intimacy in a way that gives you a deeper connection than you knew possible.

She’s Honest & Relatable

Every industry has its wannabe’s and to be frank there is a lot of competition in the coaching industry, and many who don’t have clinical knowledge, life experience, and expertise to understand the complexities of working moms. Kim is the first one to tell you if she can help you or not and she stands firm in her promises. She will help you craft your maternal given gifts in a way that will work for you, whereas most other high ticket coaching programs will steer you far away from your personal journey, cookie cutter approaches... working moms are NOT a one-size fits all. She cares deeply about you and the person you desperately want to become.

She’s a Healer

Kim understands and relates to knowing that working moms flounder a lot through trial and error. She knows the deep dark trenches when life feels like it has taken its turn for the worst. Kim’s therapeutic approach along with her coaching skills, allows her clients to heal from past wounds that often get dismissed or hard to understand how they play an integral part in your present day life as a working mom and gets in the way of your relationships. She knows how to help you create emotional resiliency and increase your emotional intelligence to allow you to close those chapters of pain and start new again.

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