The Working Moms Mastermind Transformation

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The Working Mom Mastermind Transformation is my high-level coaching program that was specifically & uniquely developed for working moms who are ready to start now and reimagine intimacy to deepen your connection to your loved one. You will learn what types of intimacy you feel most disconnected from which ones you desire most, while learning to master burnout, grow in your confidence, establish meaning & purpose, and shed anxiety, shame, and guilt once and for all! You will align to what is important through proven systems and strategy, combined with guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way.

This program will not only teach you to identify your values & beliefs that you need now, but it will also teach you to create an unshakable core foundation to build off of. This will allow you to go about your days with less anxiety, stress, loneliness, and resentment as you learn to reclaim YOUR identity with simple and powerful content.

This program will teach you to craft your working mom mindset and be more productive in your day-to-day tasks when it comes to conserving mental and emotional energy.

As working moms, our divine purpose and passion is to care deeply for our loved ones, protect them at all costs, provide for them, all while not losing ourselves and our careers, so we can thrive with meaning and purpose.

But unfortunately, passion is not enough to collapse the timeline of “could have, should have, would have, and what ifs.” There is a secret combination to become a more connected and confident working mom, so you can truly feel alive and thrive again. You will get time & energy back, manage each day on your terms, and achieve true joy.

Success is both a science & an art and I have the exact code for you.

The code for a simple, successful, and stable life.

Good Fit

  • You are a working mom who is ready to get out of survival mode. Ready to thrive in every way. Ready to get her wants, needs, and desires met.

  • You want to be connected to those you love and not just a figment of their imagination. You have conflict, resentment, tension but unsure of how to tackle these barriers to intimacy.

  • You want to feel confident in your body and shed shame, guilt, and anxiety so you can be open to imtimacy.

  • You’re always looking for new and improved ways to work smarter and not harder. Time & energy is sacred to you. You’re ready to do what you wish you would have done long ago.

  • You love having support and a community of likeminded women to lean on. You are open to learn and share with others.

Not So Good Fit

  • You are a brand-new parent or just starting to work, and this is just the adjustment phase. Get some more experience under your belt first so this program will provide you with the value you need to stay connected to your loved one.

  • You feel confident in your ability to wish time to pass by quickly and move you out of each phase of life, and you and your loved one don't have any conflict or barriers that get in the way of intimacy.

  • You are a creature of habit and love your comfort zone way too much. It would be hard for you to carve out time to implement what you learn and change your mindset about how to bring intimacy back into your life.

  • You’d rather keep to yourself and spend years DIYing the answers to brining intimacy and deep connection back to your life.

I know you.. You're a working mom who is meant for more, you’ve had the thought for quite some time.

So be real with me for a minute...

Imagine yourself 1-2 years from now… Will you still be wondering why your needs don't get met? Why you feel disconnected and more like roommates with your loved one? Worrying about everything, feeling lost, comparing yourself to others, feeling anxious, shameful, guilty, hopeless, and having no time or energy for yourself or loved one?


Are you ready to take look in the mirror and reimagine intimacy so you can become the thriving working mom who you have always dreamed of? The bonus is that everyone around you gets to benefit from your transformation,

and maybe even much more!

The Journey


Put your “I am worth it” hat/dress on and get excited to make the full transformation.


Dial into your core beliefs, values, and ideal lifestyle to create an unshakeable foundation that specifically aligns with your true authentic identity to create vulnerability for intimacy.


Learn when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”. You will make decisions in the most genuine and passionate way that work for YOU!. Your time back in your days will increase drastically.


Understand all levels of intimacy and how they meet your needs, wants, and desires. Design your mindset with confidence and embrace it without feeling shame or guilt, while strengthening your emotional resiliency to stay connected to loved one.


Increase conflict resolution, prioritize quality interactions, intentional communication and attachment styles that work for you. With this comes awareness that will promote positive, deep, healthy, and long-lasting relationships.


Learn my proprietary working mom Power Scripts to master your thinking patterns to conserve your sacred time and energy and keep intimacy alive.


Infuse your love and life with the power of positive energy, consciousness, and intention so imposter syndrome doesn’t overstay its welcome and survival mode is no longer an option.


Reconnect on a deeper level, and thrive momma thrive, it only gets better from here.

Q & A

What if I work really odd hours or my work schedule is constantly changing?

You will work with me to find times that work for both of us for your individual coaching sessions. All group coaching sessions will be recorded, and you can watch those on your sacred time.

Can this apply to working dads too?

In theory yes! However my program is uniquely designed to create a culture of thriving working moms at this time. If you have a spouse you want to share your knowledge with, then that is a win/win for your family.

What is the overall time commitment to this Program?

This is designed to provide you all of the content over a 90-day period of time. All you need to do to be successful in this program is dedicate 2-4hrs a week when it works for you. It combines pre-recorded course content with live coaching and online accessibility for other questions or concerns. That’s literally about 30min a day... It is very doable!!

What if I am already in therapy?

You can continue. Coaching is not the same as therapy, it is a directed, solution focused approach that does not address medical necessity like therapy does.

What if I am scared to invest?

I get it. I have been burned by promises before. This is why I provide opportunities to continue to attend my on-going group coaching calls beyond the 90-days, until you feel like you have created your working mom mindset that will work for you.

If other working moms are doing it and finding the time, so can you. If you are willing to invest in yourself now, there will be no more “what if’s”, “I could have, would have, should have”. You already know how fast time goes when watching your children grow up. Give them your best version of you NOW while continuing to thrive in your aspirations of your career.

The Working Mom Mastermind Transformation Program

A 90-DAY premier program, top of class, one of a kind, that includes:

  • Individual and Group coaching calls with laser focused coaching to discuss your personal pain points, program content, roadblocks, mindset strategy, and my unique system to help you reimagine intimacy that will work for YOU!

  • 9-month access to the digital course training videos with step-by-step guidance,
    and proprietary bonuses you will not find in any other coaching program.

  • Amazing support from a sisterhood of smart, talented, and amazing working moms on the same exact journey as you.

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