I help Working Moms Reimagine Intimacy Who Are Tired & Burntout to Strengthen Their Relationships, Master Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills, Decease Shame, Guilt & anxiety

Introducing: The Working Mom Mastermind Transformation

Tired Working Moms

If you are burnt out, overwhelmed, anxious, lost, or feeling like you are just surviving and are missing intimacy in your life,

I have YOUR solution!

I’m going to teach you how to REIMAGINE INTIMACY. You are going to learn intimacy awareness, reclaim your identity, live with meaning & purpose, shed shame, guilt, and anxiety, all while balancing life's curveballs.

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Sound Familiar as a Tired Working Mom Who Wants Intimacy?

  • You feel exhausted and just surviving each day.

  • You miss and think about connection, intimacy, and how much that part of you is neglected but don't know how to express it.

  • You don't feel comfortable with your body after having kids.

  • You feel constantly disappointing and let down others, and don't even know who you are anymore.

  • You feel resentful, on edge, constant conflict due to taking on more than your loved one and they don't understand your mental load or needs.

  • You put yourself last, no sick days for you, no self-care, that it is selfish, or you don’t have time for that.

  • You have anxiety, worry about your relationship, feel at times your relationship is failing.

What would this be like?

  • You wake up most days feeling recharged and know where you are going to invest your energy.

  • You understand the importance of all levels of intimacy, value your needs, and confidently express them.

  • You learn to embrace imperfections and love your body again.

  • You learn how to align to your core beliefs, values, and what works for YOU.

  • You know how to effectively deal with conflict and increase open and honest communication to strengthen your relationship.

  • You understand what you can control and what you can’t and how that determines your anxiety and stress.

  • You feel confident in your relationship and value intimacy.

Sounds great right!?

Well fellow working mom, what I just described to you can be achieved
through coaching.

Now, I know what you may be thinking..

There is NO WAY this is possible! You don't understand what my life is like... It's just what it is, nothing can help!!

My loved one just doesn't understand me, and we are stuck in this life phase... I had those same exact thoughts, and I was SO WRONG!

I also had a packed schedule and no time for my loved one, self-care, or even meeting basic needs. I felt hopeless and resentful in my situation. I was viewing myself with shame and guilt for not being a good partner, I was losing my ability to do all things, even when I truly thought I could do it. I kept pushing through the days, hoping it would change... I doubted myself and my situation day and day again.

Yes, I have been there!

Every single one of those places!

But I was also curious and maybe a little jealous...

  • I saw and talked to other successful working moms and thought “they must know some secret I don’t”.

  • Truth be told. THEY DID! But it’s not what you think it is...

It wasn’t because they were dealt better cards, had amazing partners, had more desire, or other royalties that I didn't have access to.

  • It was because they did the internal work on themselves.

  • It was because they aligned to what was truly important to them.

  • It was because they were crystal clear on where they spent their sacred time and energy.

Ya know it… We often say "My life as a mom, means I am last in line for all needs?", “Why can’t I enjoy intimacy?”, "Why doesn't my partner see that I am struggling?", "There's nothing I can do!", which leaves us stuck and getting in our own heads. Am I right?

We also tend to think the life we dreamed of doesn’t exist. The only way to make it better is that the maternal gods will finally save us, or better yet win the lottery to stay at home and also have someone do our housework so I have time and energy back.

We can always dream.. But don’t spent too much time there!

More commonly we expect a lot of ourselves, we keep going, we don't allow ourselves to see what our limits are, intimacy is overrated...

We throw up our hands, cry in the shower, lose our minds because the demands don't match our reality, but we get up again and do the same things over and over again.

The news flash is: You already have what it takes.

You have the internal gifts. You have the skills. You have the heart. Your basic needs MATTER!

It’s time to REIMAGINE INTIMACY and give yourself the opportunity to stop dreaming and live your life back on YOUR terms. To get all the benefits of feeling deeply connected to your loved one. To know that intimacy is not just a wish, but a energy recharge, a time-saver, confidence booster, and it allows you to THRIVE as a working mom!

Meet your new, trusted, and compassionate expert

I’m Kim Story. I’m a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner, Master Certified Life Coach, Women's Wellness Strategist, and Certified Accelerated Resolution therapy practitioner.

I’m passionate with helping working moms reconnect with themselves, so they can enjoy intimacy and find more peace and joy in their days. It’s something all working moms deserve, its your birth right!! You can have BOTH your career and your homelife!

I have worked in mental health for 18+ years, insurance, contract jobs, 24/7 on-call, at times 2 + jobs, all while still attempting to meet the needs of a household, making sure the kids had all that they needed, and sacrificing myself in every way just to make it all look "good."

Every single one of my kids (2 bio/3 step) have been involved in sports, not just the 1x week sports, but the ones where they practice multiple times a week, games or tournaments every weekend, travel out of state and out of the country. I spent more time in my car than my own home or bed for 10 years.

I was finding that I was never having time for my spouse, friends, work, and for dang sure no time for me either! What the heck is "intimacy"... I don't have time/energy for that.

My mindset was just get through the next day, the next phase, the next…. But the next wasn’t any better! It came with a whole new set of things that I continued to feel stressed about, I was literally running on fumes, I constantly questioned my abilities, I found myself often zoning out and having a hard time being present. That lifestyle wasn’t sustainable and if you're anything like me it won’t be sustainable for you either.

Why start now?

Working Moms who are bringing intimacy back into their life are at the forefront of thriving in today's society.

Do you want to be a part of leading the charge for change in the working mom societal norms?

Working moms are no longer a rarity. More and more women are entering the workforce and want to contribute to their household, have their own identity, yet never intend to sacrifice their sanity or basic needs that intimacy fills.

The reality is that you have it ALL, but just not seeing it yet! That's my role!!

So what do you say?

Let’s transform your Working Mom Mindset around intimacy today!

The Mastermind Transformation program gives you all the strategy, framework, feedback, accountability and support your needs to increase intimacy, create your unique working mom mindset that will work for you! It’s the complete A-Z process to develop, embrace and thrive in your best working mom self.

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